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Welcome to Collective Coffee,  Collective Coffee is your one-time destination for coffee maker reviews, coffee-making tips and everything you should know about for brewing the best cup of coffee, every single time.

Who We Are?

Collective Coffee is a group of writers, technicians and dietary specialists who work to offer you the best-in-class coffee-making experience. At Collective Coffee, we are committed to independently reviewing coffee makers, coffee-maker accessories and other products involved in the art of brewing.

Our staff writers have been in the industry for a long period of time and they have their own insights to coffee-making. However, in order to keep personal biases away, Collective Coffee has constructed a Content Policy and Research Doc, which help us get the most neutral results.

Our Team

Here are our writers who spend their days and nights around coffee cups and coffee makers so that you can make the right cup.


Shane C. Mattson - MScs
(Editorial Director)
Shane C. Mattson - MScs (Editorial Director)

Shane has been a part of our editorial team for five years. A hardcore fan of latte and someone who loves to experiment with new flavors and beans, he is one of the major writers at Collective Coffee. He is currently a full-time writer at Collective Coffee but is also pursuing his master’s in Food Sciences from the University of Colorado.

Shane is a kind of a person you can approach for coffee-based drink suggestions on any day. If not writing about coffee or coffee makers, you can see Shane hanging out with friends or playing Fortnite.

Charles C. Broadbent , Engineer (Editorial Head)
Charles C. Broadbent , Engineer (Editorial Head)

Charles spent four years as an electrical engineer before joining this position at Collective Coffee. He is an engineer by training but has great enthusiasm towards coffee machines and food-processing gadgets overall.

At Coffee Collective, he spends most of the time in testing and analyzing coffee machines to the core. He’s our best guy when it comes to checking whether a coffee maker is built good-enough. If not in the office, he can be spotted in front of the laptop, watching Black Mirror or Captain America.

Maria C. Lawson, BA (Editorial Head)
Maria C. Lawson, BA (Editorial Head)

Maria is our part of the editorial team for many things, but most importantly her command over the language. She spends a lot of time in reading and writing literature that she knows how to express everything we’d like to.

A true lover of coffee beans and flavors, she loves to explore new brands and products. Maria holds a BA in English Literature and Communication from Penn University and also assists in crafting our policies as well as the legal aspects all day.

About Collective Coffee

Collective Coffee is more than a place where coffee connoisseurs can similar minds. It’s a platform that was built to help you make the best coffee, every day, every single time. Day and night, our team takes the best effort to make sure that they test and judge the popular coffee machines in the market, the right methods of brewing and a lot more.

Backed by a group of people who love making and talking about coffee, Collective Coffee is not just about the profits, but also about the common spirit of caffeine (unless anyone prefers decaf) that brings us together.

Our Research Process

We follow a detailed research process for every article we publish. If it’s a list of products, we prepare a big list of preliminary products, based on Amazon reviews and other popular customer review platforms. Based on a further scrutiny process, double the number of products — 10 products if we are making a list of five coffee makers — are selected and thoroughly tested.

This process takes a while and we take inputs from all our staff members. We follow a 10-point grade system for judging the products we have selected, and they are ordered based on this score. After some time, our final list is prepared, and our writers finish the final draft. In order to keep the personal bias away, we take inputs from all our experts, plus the dietary consults we have at Collective Coffee.

Affiliate Links: When you click on the chosen links and make a purchase, Collective Coffee may receive a commission from the corresponding seller. This, however, doesn’t affect the amount of money you have to pay.

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