The BEST Way To Clean A French Press (It’s SO Easy!)

I wake up each morning craving a cuppa joe to seduce my day into a rhythmical monotony that life is. But just sometimes, things don’t work according to plan and I am delusional as to why I got where I am in the first place.

This is exactly the situation I put myself into a couple of weeks ago. I woke up to the sun rays hitting my sundeck as I sipped through my strong cup of coffee. I usually leave the cleaning to my maid but she wasn’t here today and I was left with a messy kitchen counter and an even messier French Press.

how to clean a french press

And with the herculean schedule I have, I knew I had no time to clean up a French Press when I retire back home from a long arduous day at work.

I decided to look for a manual that helped me understand how to clean a French Press and here’s exactly what I did to clean it spot-free.

Note: Wait for the French Press to cool down to avoid burns.

How To Clean a French Press

1. Remove the Coffee Grounds

Start by removing the coffee grounds from your French Press. This may sound easy, but it isn’t.

To do so, turn the beaker upside down and gently tap the bottom onto a garbage or compost area to get maximum grounds out. You can take help of a wooden spoon or spatula to remove the grounds stuck to the bottom.

2. Disassemble your French Press

Once done, start disassembling your french press. Then rinse the coffee plunger and beaker to get rid of any extra grounds that are stuck in them.

Ensure that you have disassembled the lid, filter screens, disks and coffee plunger to clean them up separately.

3. Rinse and Wash

Do not scrub your French Press. It may leave scratch marks on your French Press or even result in breaking of the glass. Resort to gentle rinse and clean technique to do so.

You can also disassemble the beaker from the press to rinse in between the press stand.

Note: Fill the press with water post-rinsing, you may find a chalky white layer on top of the press isn’t clean enough

4. Air Dry / Wipe with a clean towel

Once down keep your components upside down to air dry or simply use a soft gentle and clean towel to wipe away any moist left in the components of your French Press.

Air drying may take time and if you are in a rush, then resort to towel cleaning.

5. Reassemble your French Press

Once dried, reassemble the lid, coffee plunger, filter screens, disks and the beaker in the right order. Use your french press manual in case of any doubts. Ensure that all the components fit correctly and are placed in their respective places.

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Quick Tips

  • Use coarse coffee instead of powdered or grounded ones to avoid clogging.
  • Use a soft cloth, nylon brush, soft towel for cleaning to avoid any kinds of scratches and breaking of the glass.
  • When not using the French Press, ensure that it is dried thoroughly and kept in a plastic bag or stored inside your kitchen cabinet. This allows the French Press to stay for a longer period of time.

These tips lead to two possible outcomes, first being a cleaner French press, and second, a happier wife 😉 , of course!