How To Get Rid Of Coffee Jitters Quickly

If you look around, you will find thousands of people spread all across the world who are big coffee fans. Coffee is one such drink that many people can’t do without. A major portion of the people around you starts their day with a cup of hot brewing coffee.

Some of them even continue drinking it all through the day. It may be an integral part of your daily routine, but you should know where to draw the line. The reason behind is, too much of coffee can leave you feeling jittery and irritable.

how to get rid of coffee jitters

Do you take about 5-6 cups of coffee a day; it is considered as caffeine intoxication and can lead to various side effects like rising in the adrenaline level that produces high blood pressure, jittery sensations, sweatiness and few other associated symptoms.

If you suffer from extreme jittery sensation due to caffeine, it can affect your overall physical well-being. But there are different ways that can help you beat the caffeine jitters, few of which have been discussed below in this article.

Here are a few tips that will help you overcome:

1. Drink lots of water – Usually, by the time you start feeling the effects of excessive caffeine intake, it is perhaps too late for water to dilute it. But water can definitely help you deal with the symptoms.

2. Eat a wholesome meal – Intake of a healthy meal should help your stomach and digestive system in absorbing and breaking down the caffeine. So, the next time you feel jittery, just grab some oatmeal, make a pasta salad or just simply have a bowl of rice and beans, or anything that is filling.

3. Eat citrus – Fruits that are high in vitamin C can help restore the minerals lost in your body due to caffeine consumption. So, without a second thought just grasp an orange or a grapefruit and make yourself a delicious fruit salad.

4. Try taking a nap – This is perhaps the best way to deal with the situation. Taking some rest can help slow down your heart rate and fight the effects of caffeine.

5. Meditate – Meditating can at times bring in the same magical effect that resting can. If you’ve not tried it yet, there are a number of videos on YouTube which might be helpful.

6. Hit the gym – Any kind of exercise might help do away with annoying jitters. You can try taking a 15 minutes’ walk, run or just jump around. This speeds up your body’s ability to burn off extra energy and help in metabolizing the additional caffeine that has entered your system.

7. Try taking a magnesium supplement – Intake of magnesium might help to fight the headache you usually get once you overcome the jitters.

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But, if you repetitively find yourself down with jitters after drinking coffee, then stop consuming it in excessive amount. Saying this is easy, but practically tough to follow. Instead, try shifting to healthier options like decaf green tea or decaf coffee. But this can conveniently help you get rid of such sickness.