past events

Alex Waggoner - "Undulate"

Alex Waggoner is a local artist who is inspired by various aspects of architecture and cityscapes.  Her work, with the thematic title of "Undulate" is hanging in Collective until further notice.

Art Series III- "Sequence"

The third installment of our art series was on view January 26th, 2016 through March 2nd, 2017. Series III is based on the interpretation of sequence. See link for submission details!

Details HERE.

Art Series II - "Perpetuity"

The second installment of our art series will be on view November 23rd, 2016 through January 8th, 2017. Series II is all about the interpretation of "Perpetuity": there is a lot you can do with this one. Please see link for submission details!

Details HERE.

Art Series I - "Fluid"

On September 15th, 2016, Collective will play host to a gallery experience showing several artists' interpretation of the theme "Fluid."  The art will be on display from September 15th until October 27th.  Please see the link below for details about how to enter your art into the show.

Details HERE.

Finca Pashapa Variety Tasting

As an extended edition of Try-It Tuesday, we are offering both Bourbon and Pacamara (coffee varieties) from Finca Pashapa alongside one another.  Compare these two great, different coffees with the accompanying guide.  Find more information about and photos of Finca Pashapa over at Counter Culture's website and Flickr.

Thursday night throwdown

On Thursday, June 2nd, Collective hosted a latte art competition featuring a 1980s theme and Ramen by 2 Nixons.  

The event was open to all who wanted to participate with a $5 buy in (watching was free).  The top two finishers were Colin Robison and Andrea Gruber, of Kudu and Welkin respectively.  

Thanks to all who participated, ate, and supported.

Try-It Tuesday

Try-It Tuesday is a tradition that we rolled out in April 2016 as a way to demonstrate our love of coffee and invite you into our world and thought process.  The last Tuesday of every month will feature a specially-priced coffee beverage or beverages.  We encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and check out what we have in store.  We like it, and we hope you will too.


On May 21st, REDUX Contemporary Art Center hosted The Hadleys for their "Heart Peaks" EP Release Show.  We were there serving up coffee alongside La Gaufre and their wonderful waffles.

More info here.