4 Benefits of Drinking Espresso Everyday

Some like the sweetness of the milk in the coffee but there are others who like the bitterness of the espresso. There are many ways to have espresso.

One can have it without sugar or additional flavours whereas, some like it with a high dose of sweetness and cream. Consuming it has its own benefits.

Here, are some of the benefits that make it a beneficial drink.

#1 Improves long-term memory

A study from the University of California states that two cups of espresso can help you in long-term memory.

Memory is one’s treasure box and with age that can get tarnished. But with espresso at hand, one can sharpen their memory for a long term.

#2 Helps with weight loss

All of us want to lose weight and do all kinds of stuff to get rid of extra fat. The exciting thing is espresso being dense caffeine helps in stimulating weight loss through the process of thermogenesis.

It means heating the body from within so that the calories accumulated in your body melt away. Even after work-out a cup of espresso can help you say goodbye to the muscular pain.

#3 Lowers the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is the known silent killer and has every third person in its clutches. A study from the medical department of Harvard shows that daily intake of caffeine can decrease level 2 diabetes by approx. 11 %.

Eating proper food with a cup of espresso and a good deal of exercise can keep you safe from diabetes as well.

#4 Reduces the risk of getting a stroke

Stroke is another medical condition that appears suddenly. Only prevention can help you prepare for a sudden attack of stroke. The study from various universities has proved the drinking at least one cup of espresso can dramatically decrease the risk of getting a stroke.

So, a cup of espresso a day keeps stroke at bay. So start drinking a cup of espresso today and lower the risks of getting stroke tomorrow.

How to make espresso?

  • For this, you need an Aeropress
  • Water must be heated up to 185 degrees
  • Ground up to 2 tablespoons of coffee beans
  • Start the Aeropress
  • Fill up Aeropress with grounded beans
  • Add approx. 4 oz of hot water and begin stirring.
  • Your own cup of hot espresso is ready to be served


Espressos are sure bitter to taste and so, many people don’t like it at all.

Your craving for sugar can make it harder for you to like it at first but then after some practice, you will actually start loving it.

Good things are hard to come by and espressos with its benefits may not be appealing but a good habit needs adjustments in the beginning.

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