Is Espresso Stronger than Coffee? (The Definitive Guide)

Coffee vs Espresso debate isn’t something new, it has been happening ever since Espresso made it to the basic part of a population. The last time we checked, people are still confused whether espresso is stronger than a cup of normal coffee.

So, we decided to give you an overview of espresso and how different it is from a cup of coffee that you get out of a drip coffee maker. First of all, let’s talk about the basics of an espresso. Shall we begin?

What Is Espresso?

Let’s start with this saying: All espresso is coffee, but not all coffee are espressos. Don’t think, however, that espresso is a particular type of coffee.

Instead, it’s different in the method of making coffee. That is, a normal drip coffee cup and espresso are made using different methods.

Even some parts of the coffee making process are similar between espresso and drip coffee. For instance, in both cases, coffee grounds are mixed with really hot water so that the flavor and aroma are extracted.

The same way, both drinks consist of a decent amount of caffeine.

The difference is that hot water is poured in different ways. That is also what makes espresso a lot different from a normal cup of joe.

The Strength Difference

It’s pretty obvious that there is the difference of strength between an espresso and a cup of drip coffee.

As it happens, hot water is added to the espresso shot in such a way that an intense flavor is extracted. Thus, an espresso cup will have more strength when compared to drip coffee.

There are also differences based on how the coffee tastes from these methods. It is quite natural that espresso will have a bitter taste when compared to a normal cup of coffee.

Once again, that is because coffee is extracted at an intense strength. This would include more fragrance as well as flavor in the drink even if the amount of water is left the same.

That is why a lot of people who need a tougher coffee prefer espresso coffee machines over drip coffee drinks. That having said, they must be ready to tolerate an increase of bitter taste.

To sum up, it’s clear that the espresso shot is stronger than a normal cup of drip coffee.

Is Espresso For Me?

If this is your biggest question, you have an answer here.

Espresso is for you if you can handle a bitter cup of coffee. If you are looking for an extra-strong coffee shot, espresso is for you.

On the other hand, if you are okay with a standard amount of caffeine and want a rather balanced drink, we’d recommend going for normal drip coffee itself.

We hope you’ve found your choice here.