5 limitations of Keurig Coffee Maker machines

Keurig coffee maker is gaining more demand from the past few years.

According to the National Coffee Association, almost 1 in 5 adults use the instant coffee maker daily and they are happy whit.

Due to its instant coffee making policy, it has gained more space at houses, shops and offices.

There are various other benefits of using Keurig coffee maker and they are easy to use the facility, serves a single k-cup due to which there is no wastage, best for bachelors and people living alone and away from their family, etc.

But there is not a single thing perfect in the world. If it has numerous benefits then it can for sure has its limitations or disadvantages. This article will help you to know about the limitations of Keurig coffee maker.

#1 Single Serve Function

The single serve that is k cup is considered as both positive and negative factor of the Keurig coffee maker. If you are using it in your house then you would have gone through this problem.

When your guests are present at home and they demand coffee, you cannot wait for every single cup of coffee and then supply them each. It’s like your guest is waiting for their turn to have a cup of coffee which is just similar to a shop. It creates a negative impact on you.

You are also helpless to prepare coffee for many people at once. If you are planning to take all cups together in front of your relatives by arranging it in your serving plate then some of your guests cannot enjoy the hot coffee.

#2 K-cups are not environment-friendly

The cups which are used to drink the coffee are plastics. They cannot be recycled. After its first use, it is directly thrown away. It can be a positive point for the shops and offices as most of the coffee drinkers do not love to drink coffee at used cups.

But if it is used at home then it becomes a negative factor. If you are an addicted coffee drinker then you need to purchase a large set of k cups which can be very costly and at the same time difficult to recycle.

Due to the continuous consumption of coffee with the help of k cups, your dustbin will be filled with plastic cups rather than normal garbages.

#3 Not good for your health

As mentioned earlier, the cups used in the Keurig coffee maker are plastic. The coffee supplied by it is normally hot. It is proved that consuming hot things in a plastic material can cause you cancer or any other health issues.

If you are drinking a coffee which is made with the help of this coffee maker from a store or from office then you are compelled to drink it in a plastic cup.

#4 Most models don’t support cup size options

Some of the keurig models do not support cup size options. Due to this problem you are compelled to drink a coffee which contains more water than the coffee.

This makes the coffee weaker. If you are a person who loves to consume strong taste of coffee then this machine is helpless.

#5 Use of aluminium foil seal at the top

Aluminium foil is present at the top of the seal which can play a hazardous role. It not a sustainable metal.

According to some health sources, when anything consumed by us which has contacted with aluminium can cause many health issues. Many studies have proven that heat caused to aluminium can percolate into the foods and also in coffee.

This aluminium is accumulated by the body which can cause many hazardous health issues and even diseases like Alzheimer or osteoporosis.


In this busy world, time is very important. For that, we prefer machines and tools which completes the task sooner and efficiently without wasting our precious time. Keurig coffee maker has many positive points and different features.

The convenience which is provided by the keurig coffee maker cannot be replaced with any other thing. The features also prove that it is the best coffee maker with unique features. But you also cannot forget the cons of the coffee maker.