Ninja Coffee Bar Vs Keurig Coffee Maker – Which One To Choose?

Single-serve coffee machines are enough for most people out there. Well, that is unless you have a big family of coffee enthusiasts.

On the other hand, you will have to decide whether you need more control over the brewing process or if you need the simplest way to get a cup of joe.

As it happens, Ninja Coffee Bar and Keurig Coffee Makers are the two major options you can choose from. Before you do that, however, you must have a clear idea about both products.

In this article, we have a brief Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig Coffee Maker so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig — Basics

Let’s cover the basics of both brands.

Ninja Coffee Bar is a particular type of coffee making machines that are manufactured by a company named SharkNinja Operating LLC. Launched back in 1996, the company now manufactures and distributes a wider variety of products.

Versatility is the strong point of Ninja coffee bar machines. As the name says, the device has enough options to provide you with various coffee drinks such as espresso shots, normal coffee and latte etc.

Keurig is one of the most trusted names when it comes to single-serve coffee machines. Ease of use has been the strong point of Keurig machines for the most part, since it’s very easy to make coffee using these machines.

Users can simply insert a pod, press a few buttons and enjoy the perfect coffee in a few seconds. Available in various sizes and capacities, Keurig has been one of the favorites of American households.

Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about things that really matter.

Brewing Control or Pod-based Brewing

This is something you should know before choosing from the duo.

Ninja coffee bars have been designed to offer you two things mainly: control and versatility. We are not just talking about the variety of brewing options. When you make something using the Ninja coffee bar, you have complete control over almost anything.

For instance, you can choose the right coffee you like and the level of coffee strength etc. At the same time, the machines offer you pre-set drink settings as well.

Coming to Keurig machines, it’s all about the pods. For getting a single cup of coffee, you will have to insert a pod and wait. While it gives you no control over the brewing process, the task is simple enough. In just a few seconds, you would have the best coffee, every single day. That having said, made by Keurig and Keurig, you have hundreds of flavors to choose from.

So, you can decide whether you’d prefer buying pods or getting coffee.


This is one area where Keurig has an upper-hand.

Because Ninja coffee bars are designed to offer control, they have a lower-size reservoir. 50oz is mostly the maximum you can go for, as opposed to the average of 90oz in a Keurig. That having said, we are not talking about quantity when we are brewing something so custom-made, you know.

And, yes, we can’t forget the versatility part.

The Bottom Line

As we guessed when we started this, you can’t say one’s better than this. However, let’s make a few things clear.

If you are looking for a multipurpose coffee maker that offers enough control, you should go for Ninja coffee bar. You may spend something extra, but you would never want to go to Starbucks. This, however, requires a lot more brewing knowledge.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something very simple, Keurig makes sense. While the process can be done in a few seconds or so, you will have to depend on pods only. That having said, you still have a wide variety of flavors to try.